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Pigmy Hobbit

I have returned from my wanderings

Posted on 2009.08.01 at 22:36
Current Location: Wexford
Current Mood: nostalgicnostalgic
Current Music: Drumming Song. From the album Lungs
It's been a while.

I can't believe the last time was in Canada. That was nearly two years! That actually makes me sad as it was possibly the happiest I have ever been.
Just chilling out. I was working two jobs in Toronto and I love them both. The people, the scenery in the Rockies, China Town, Vancover bay and bikes, the atmosphere ...yeah I'm gonna have to go traveling and work somewhere else cool before I hit 30.

I feel bad now that I see this and realise I haven't been keeping my record of my life up. Some of my older entries are odd to read. And I have a year and a half gap now. Feels a bit empty. Will I look back in thirty years time, in a post apocalyptic world (where Fergus has teamed up with Darth Vader, Voldemort, the Volturi and my Satanic sister and they wasted the place) and wonder why these good memories are missing?


Canada update

Posted on 2007.11.11 at 20:35
Current Location: Toronto
Current Mood: fullfull
Current Music: That new Foo Fighters song
Yeah, things are going well. I met Nigella Lawson at a book signing. She was really polite and stayed right till the end of the que signing and chatting to everybody. I got a pretty decent photo too.
And you know something, she's not anorexic and she looks great!
Kind of looking forward to meeting Slash. He's Sue's idol so I'm pretty curious. I'll settle in Chapters after my shift and wait till he comes...and I can read till he does :)



Posted on 2007.10.31 at 10:38
Current Location: Torornto
Current Mood: amusedAmused (highly)
Current Music: Not Thriller, anyway.
Is it weird that I get a pant-wetting kick out of this years Google homepage Halloween theme!

The O doesn't have a reflection, Man! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO.



Posted on 2007.10.01 at 12:51
We went to the last game of the season and to be quiet frank, it was boring. It was even more boring than Formula One because at least there you occasionally get a flaming wreak. It was three hours long and there were very few home runs or runs of any significance (expect in the fifth inning when the Canadians had a bad streak).
The most impressive thing was the stadium itself.
Looking forward, with much more enthusiasm, to the hockey!

Heres a new entry.


First from canada!

Posted on 2007.09.18 at 14:24
Yeah so I finally got here!

It was pretty weird (and sad) leaving the airport. This isn't just a holiday it's work and I suppose I have this fear of not getting anything and the whole thing going pear-shaped.

The flight sucked. I suppose that's mostly because I hate flying for 45min, let alone hours at a time.

The hostel is really nice. Kinda funky (in a good way)in it's decor. I'd love to stay here but it'd be a tad expensive for the whole time.
Niagara was really beautiful, and China Town was interesting even if I chickened out in trying anything really exotic. They had dirt cheap nuts. We must have bought a pound of walnuts and cashews for $6.

I hate the fact that they don't put taxes on their signs. It's confusing.

They also have this weird stuff called ice-wine. The grapes are picked in winter when they're freezing. It makes the finished product very sweet ( and hugely expensive; the cheapest bottle was seventy euros). It's everywhere! In sweets and desserts and stuff. I'm dying to try some even though a guy on the bus said it wasn't that nice.

I just found out JK Rowling is coming here in October. WO HO!!
The purpose of my life has been answered. This crosses the line between coincidence and destiny!

P.s Rosie - They have loads of Lindt here. Different kinds than Ireland. They even have some Halloween wrapped balls. Yum!
And yes! I was incredulous when I opened that card. I think the formaldehyde you use has addled your brain, eejit!



Posted on 2007.09.11 at 20:14
Current Mood: mischievousmischievous
Hebe is a genus of plants native to New Zealand, Rapa in French Polynesia, the Falkland Islands, and South America. It includes about 90 species and is the largest plant genus in New Zealand. Apart from H. rapensis (endemic to Rapa), all species occur in New Zealand. This includes the two species, H. salicifolia and H. elliptica, that have distributions extending to South America. The genus is named after the Greek goddess of youth, Hebe. There are differing classifications for the genus and some botanists include Hebe, together with the related Australasian genera Chionohebe, Derwentia, Detzneria, Parahebe, Heliohebe, Leonohebe, in the larger genus Veronica.

Hebe has four perpendicular rows of leaves in opposite decussate pairs. The flowers are perfect, the corolla usually has four slightly unequal lobes, the flower has two stamens and a long style. Flowers are arranged in a spiked inflorescence. Identification of Hebe species is difficult, especially if they are not in flower. The plants range in size from dwarf shrubs to small trees up to 7 metres, and are distributed from coastal to alpine ecosystems. Large-leaved species are normally found on the coast, in lowland scrub and along forest margins. At higher altitudes smaller-leaved species grow, and in alpine areas there are whipcord species with leaves reduced to thick scales.

Hebes are grown in many gardens and public areas; they attract butterflies. Hebes cope with most soil types, and can be propagated easily from both seed and cuttings. Wild Hebe hybrids are uncommon; however, there are many cultivated hybrids, such as Hebe × franciscana.

From Wikipedia.

Posted on 2007.09.05 at 19:04
Current Mood: anxiousanxious
Heading for Canada on the 16th of this month. Finally. The wait has kind of worn down my excitement, as has the tedious organisation. When I was younger I loved the whole 'getting prepared bit' of a trip. The trouble with visas, insurance and money has deflated me this time.

Still, when I think of going to a completely new country - to work - it gives me a little thrill of fear, breaking me out of my summer apathy and (hopefully) giving me a new lease on life.

Here's to Canada..and maple syrup!!

P.S To the penguin emperor.

I'll bet there's Ben & Jerry shops over there! Muhahahahahahahaha.



Posted on 2007.08.27 at 19:29
The last Troy book is out today.  Woo Hoo!  While my enjoyment of this trilogy is not on the epic Potter scale, I'm really looking forward to it.

This new release has brought back memories of the talks Ro and I had about this series.  It was a regular topic of conversation last year as we walked on the beach.  I remember dying to read the second book. 

I also remember that, after weeks of speculation about what might happen, Ro informed me that - whups- her newer edition of the first in the series had the first chapter of the next book!


Also threw my diet off a cliff today, by scoffing a tub of Pish Food. :(  It was 2.90 in Tesco for crying out loud.

I hang my head in weakness.  Sooo not sorry


Ha ha Fergus! Look what I got!

Posted on 2007.08.20 at 20:01
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